UUYoga Etiquette

Please take the time to read our YOGA ETIQUETTE for UUYoga, we strive to make each our practice the best they can be for U and fellow classmates.

RESPECT FOR YOUR PRACTICE AND OTHERS  We value time, something we can’t buy or make up. We start our classes on time and finish on time. PLEASE DON’T BE LATE!! We are a small community based studio and the instructor locks the entrance doors just before class starts, unfortunately to keep costs reasonable we can’t have someone at reception. For newcomers please allow at least 15 minutes to sign waivers, provide payment and to orientate yourself to our studio.

PLEASE NO FRAGRANCES OR COLOGNES  We know that many people are highly sensitive and even allergic to chemicals and scents.

WE VALUE CLEAN, FRESH AIR  Our facility and property is smokefree. We accept those that smoke, we just ask that we keep the air clean in and around our facility.

WE VIEW OUR PRACTICE AS SACRED  We do promote community and interaction in our common areas spaces (reception and future patio), but ask that you refrain from talking when entering the studio space. We and fellow students would really appreciate it you enter and leave the studio space as quietly as possible. In our busy lives we are inundated with noise and so much stimulation, we work to make your yoga practice a step away from your busy lives. Oh, and of course turn off or at least silence those phones.

WE ARE A SHOE FREE FACILITY  It not only prepares us to ground our practice, but really helps to keep our facility extra clean. Besides the pebble floor at the yoga studio entrance will massage those tired feet! We love the beach but try to not to bring the beach (sand) in with you.