We are truly blessed to be able to have talented yoga instructors in the Interlake. Bryanna, Leanne, Darlene, Ron, John and Jennifer bring a diversity of skill sets to UUYoga to make you practice unique and meaningful. We also draw from our experiences with you the student to provide us with ongoing knowledge to improve our classes. We never stop learning!


Jennifer’s own yoga and meditation practice has helped her to manage stress and maintain a high quality of life, despite significant physical limitations. For many years she practiced at the Yoga Centre of Winnipeg and expanded her yoga practice by taking her Restorative Teacher Training (2012), Insight Meditation Teacher Training (2013), and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (2015) all through Aura Wellness. She has also attended workshops and retreats at the Victoria Yoga Conference (2017) and Salt Spring Centre of Yoga (2013), as well MBSR/Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Klinic (2013).

Besides a daily yoga and meditation practice, Jennifer’s passions lie in the realm of holistic wellness/herbalism, gardening, travel & photography. You may also find her chasing her own and fostered rescue dogs around the beautiful shores of Lake Winnipeg, when not camping with her four-legged family members & spouse.


John has been practicing yoga in the Interlake since 2006. In March of 2017 John went on an intensive retreat to Santa Barbara California to certify as yoga instructor at the oldest yoga teacher training school in North America. At White Lotus Foundation John studied under Yogi Raj-Ganga White and Tracey Rich, both holders of Yoga Acharya degrees and studied under the likes of B.K.S. Iyengar, and K Pattabhi Jois.

Although it is important to recognize and pay tribute to the past masters, yoga is constantly changing, growing and evolving with the times. Like his school of instruction John most closely identifies with the philosophy of Jnana Yoga steeped in wisdom, questioning and inquiry (the pathless path).

People often begin yoga with the plan to get into better shape and soon find that it provides so much more. John has been acting as a counsellor in the Interlake area for many years. Yoga has help to keep him grounded and centred in his life and in his work. John looks forward to sharing that in the community.


Ron first started yoga when he stepped away from a high stress corporate position in 2009. Since then his yoga practice has been integral in creating balance in his life on and off the matt. In 2013 he decided to take his 200 hour certification at the Pavones Yoga Center in Costa Rica under the direction of Indira Kate Kalmbach and Chris Crotty and one year later opened the doors to UUYoga.

Ron has recently followed in his father’s footsteps and is now designing and building homes for clients in the Interlake.

Away from the studio and the construction site, Ron can be found playing in nature whether it be kayaking, kiteboarding or just hanging out with his dog on the beach. Ron loves to incorporate learning into his travels. He is a certified kiteboard instructor, Reiki Level I and II certified, open water diving certified, and  completed his 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification in Costa Rica in the winter of 2015.


In 1981 Darlene stepped fully into Buddha Dharma as a student of Theravadin lay monk Kema Ananda and since his passing has been a student of other valued teachers in the Karma Kagyu Namgyal lineage in Canada. In the Zen tradition she has taken Jukai and in 2014 was ordained as a Priest by 83rd Zen Patriarch Jun Po Denis Kelly into the Rinzai Zen Hollow Bones Order and given the names Emyo Seien (Gift of Clarity/ Pure Circle).  Over the years Darlene has woven Integral Theory into her life and practice. She has facilitated spiritually oriented groups and meditation programs, instructed Applied Counselling for Red River College Gimli Campus for seven years, maintains a private counseling and embodiment based expressive arts and psychotherapy practice, and enjoys being married with four wonderful, now adult, children.


Namaste. Leanne has completed her advanced training at  the Yoga Centre Winnipeg,  Leanne has been teaching yoga for 15 years. She has attended many workshops with senior international yoga instructors. Leanne also trains with Father Joe Periera, who she  worked with in India at his Kripa Foundation which is an addiction rehab centre that utilizes yoga as an integral part of the healing process.  Fr. Joe emphasizes that yoga helps us strengthen our inner resources so that we are less dependent on external sources to promote well being.

Leanne’s  approach to yoga stems from the philosophy of working from the heart and using the yoga postures to help people come to know themselves. Not only is Leanne grateful for how yoga has helped her physically but it is the the whole well being aspect for which she is the most grateful for. Her practices promote strength, stamina and flexibility so one can enjoy the union of mind, body and the spirit of yoga.


As a student of life, Bryanna uses yoga as a tool to translate her emotions, adversities and joy into clarity and authenticity. Her enthusiasm is directed into her community where she runs a mobile company, Prairie Roots Yoga, which facilitates mindful and meaningful yoga experiences for all ages and levels of ability. Her work with children drives her passion for creative storytelling, sharing yoga with youth and adolescents broadens the potential of self-expression and co-creation, while engaging with families inspires joyful presence. You will find Bryanna traveling around Winnipeg, teaching in schools, daycares, community centres and studios, including her own studio, Prairie Roots Winnipeg.