Class descriptions

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Classes offered at UUYoga:


A class for those new to yoga or for those wanting a “gentler” class.



Ashtanga class that incorporates vinyassa flow sequences. Emphasis on breath, alignment and engagement of muscles.

Gentle Yoga


Meditate to Relax

This practice incorporates the 8 limbs of yoga (ashtanga) and explores asanas (postures) to work towards a dhyana (meditative) state.

Relax Deeply

A mindful, gentle, restorative class that integrates mantra, breathwork and the deep release of tension.

Restorative and Meditation

This class will work with a sequence of restorative poses to stabilize the body, the breath to create the space to quiet the mind for meditation. All levels of experience welcome. Join us to explore the benefits of unifying the mind, body and spirit of yoga!


Slow Flow

This practice focuses on asanas (postures) to activate as well as to relax the muscles in our body. Poses are generally held for 6-7 breathes to allow our muscles to either achieve a more relaxed state or to build strength and stability. The longer asanas can also help one to relax the mind. Practice ends with a longer Savasana, often regarded as the most important pose in yoga.

Vinyasa Flow

Creating a movement meditation ~
A dynamic sequence of poses linking breath with movement to develop flexibility, balance strength, and stamina adaptable for all levels. Beginner, intermediate and expert alike will enjoy this complete practice linking breath with movement including warming sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, inversions, and final relaxation.


A profoundly therapeutic class that spends a longer amount of time in each pose, using props to offer increased support and allow for deeper relaxation. This class provides meditative breathing techniques that enhance the depth of tension release. Benefits include; increased flexibility, increased blood flow, quiets the mind and helps to lower stress levels.

Yoga & Philosophy

A physical practice incorporating philosophical aspects of yoga to work toward body, mind and spirit balance

Yoga Philosophy & Physiology

Yoga to Music

In future we plan to bring in local musicians to accompany our yoga classes.