Yoga studio building in Winnipeg Beach.
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Why UUyoga? The U’s stand for “Unique” and “United.”  At uuyoga (pronounced “you you yoga”) we believe that we are all individuals and hence each unique and that our yoga practice unites us.  In the ancient yoga language of Sanskrit “Yoga” translates to “United.”

We will each have a different experience practicing yoga even if we are in the same room! Yoga is like that, it will be what each of each needs, which is perfect for each one of us.

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We are so excited to be able to welcome you into our new space. Initially we will focus on working to meet the community needs for yoga. Once we get that up and running we intend on running workshops using the multitude of talent from the local community and also from the broader yoga community.


Posted on July 4, 2022
Summer 2022

Come join us this summer for three unique classes per week. Beginner Yoga, Flow Yoga & Pilates. You can drop in to any class for $15 or SAVE 20% when you sign up for a 5 week term (July 13- Aug 12). See the class schedule page to register for the term.  

Posted on December 7, 2021
Winter 2022 Schedule

Small cohort group classes are taking place at the studio. We are following all current Covid-19 Provincial Regulations. This includes showing proof of vaccination, wearing masks in all areas (except your own mat, when exercising), and enhanced cleaning. We are also running the classes in 4-week terms with the fifth week as a free make […]

Posted on March 16, 2020
Coronavirus Update – April 9, 2020

UUYoga values your health and ours.  In order to maintain self distancing and for us to maintain our classes we are working to bring you virtual yoga classes   We are also looking forward to getting our great community of yogis together.   Our launch date is Saturday, April 18.  We are setting up our […]

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Our building was renovated using LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Efficient Design) principles. Materials in the building all have a long life, most with 50 and some 100 year life spans. The washroom is equipped with a high speed hand dryer to eliminate paper towel waste and the building is outfitted with LED lighting, reducing electricity use for lighting by 66% from conventional lighting. The exterior walls are double wall construction for our cold Canadian winters and hot summers. We expect our high efficiency furnace to reduce our footprint in the order of 10 tons less of greenhouse gases annually.

In the summer of 2015 exterior improvements included sidewalk paving stones, parking lot resurfacing  and a new roof.  Of note is that we have bike racks and have complementary bike locks for your use.  There is even a air hose on the north side of the building to fill your tires with air. Check out the reclaimed barnboard on the soffits salvaged from an old barn at the site of the Earthship Home. Thanks Chris and Nicole!

For those of you that may have forgotten your matts or for those of you venturing into your first yoga class, we have mats for rent ($2).

respect for the

We encourage students to walk or ride their bikes. Winnipeg Beach is a great walking and biking community. If you have to drive, consider car pooling. 

our location

We believe that your yoga experience just doesn’t start or end at our doorstep. Our Winnipeg Beach location and surrounding amenities will appeal to your senses.

The town of Winnipeg Beach has a long history as a resort community. UUYoga is a short walk to a 10 acre lakefront Provincial Park complete with a full service campground, boardwalk, tennis courts and beach. Boat launching is available at the local marina.  A grocery store, bank, restaurants and shops are all a short walk away.

Winnipeg Beach and the surrounding area is home to so many talented artists, celebrated each year at the annual Wave Artist tour. In the summer, bands play at the timber framed bandstand. Where else do you have a lake as the backdrop to a stage?

guiding principles

We have four pillars at UUYoga and we strive to integrate these principles into our practices  and our management of our facility.

WELLNESS Yoga can really enhance our lives by bringing not only physical balance into our lives with our bodies, but can also balance our thoughts (minds), our feelings (heart) and our spirits. You may have heard the expression, “Mind, body, heart and spirit.” Yoga can also be just a physical experience but you may grow your practice into other areas, after all wellness is not just about physical well-being.

COMMUNITY We believe UUYoga will be an integral part of the great community of Winnipeg Beach and the surrounding communities as a place to meet old friends and make new ones. When we as individuals work together with others our impact is not only our lives, but our communities will be much stronger and fulfilling. UUYoga will be a community based organization and business.

RESPECT As individuals we must respect each other’s differences. Our world is a much better place if we respect each other’s rights and feelings and treat everyone with respect. Respecting our own needs is equally important. Respecting our body by giving it needed rest, exercising (or of course yoga!), and eating healthy will each give us more energy to give to others. If we look after our own well being we will be able to give back to our community of family,  friends, and work associates.

SUSTAINABILITY Respecting the natural environment is so important! We at UUYoga have done our best and will continue to do our best to minimize our environmental footprint. The UUYoga building was a derelict old building that sat for many years. We chose not to tear down the structure but repurposed many of the materials from the building and past projects and kept the base structure of the building. The building was renovated using LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Efficient Design).  We will also manage the building to reduce waste as well as to create a healthy environment for us and U!

Class schedule Rates Studio Etiquette